Undoubtedly there are a lot of options in the market for duct cleaning. Just Google under “duct cleaning” and you will see.

But when selecting your Duct Cleaning provider, evaluate your need according to the following:

– Budget

– Need of the service

– Frequency


Duct Cleaning needs to be done as one of the mandatory maintenance duties in your house or business. Therefore, you should expect to have that expense. But it can vary depending on the size of your house, and the air duct system you have installed.

So every time you check on prices for duct cleaning you should know that there is no a standard price but you are going to be asked questions such us: number of air returns,  air vents, furnaces and square feet of your home or office.


Fortunately, duct cleaning does NOT need to be done every year IF you keep up with a good cleaning routine of your house, don’t suffer of many allergies and don’t have pets.


If you suffer allergies or have pets of large size you might need to have the ducts clean more often.

Also, the frequency has to do with the service you hire. Some duct cleaning businesses perform their jobs with equipment that do a fair job but not a deep cleaning that would last longer.  In those cases you would start noticing after a while that your house or office looks as dusty as few months ago!

What does Ductworx LLC offers

We are very proud of our product and so our regular costumers, we believe in the saying of “you get what you paid for” .

Our “Hornet” system is a giant vacuum very powerful that will get everything out of your ducts, it looks like this:

Ductworx hornet
The Hornet

Since price is a big issue nowadays for all of us, our recommendation then is don’t hesitate in asking your service provider what cleaning system they will use and how powerful the system is. Remember that ducts are long veins that carry air throughout your house and therefore the cleaning system should be accordingly not just a glorified industrial vacuum.

See some of our jobs in our Gallery.

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