Duct Cleaning – How we do it?

We specialize in duct cleaning, it is all we do and we do it well. We have a wide array of state of the art, industry leading electric and gas powered duct cleaning equipment giving us adaptability and versatility. We can clean all ducts, from RVs to large commercial buildings. We clean round ducts, square ducts, rigid ducts, flex ducts!

Before and after Duct cleaning

By far the best duct cleaning system available today is the Hornet vacuum. This vacuum is a massive 25 horsepower gas powered vacuum that creates an incredible 6000 CFM of negative pressure! Generally, we connect this vacuum to the ducts at the main plenum or trunkline. This powerful negative pressure draws all the dirt out with the help of a set of compressed air whips that agitate the walls of the duct with a brushing motion, removing all dust, debris, hair, dirt, and any other contaminants found in your HVAC system.

This video will give you a peek inside a duct while being cleaned by the Hornet system…

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