Is it really necessary to clean Dryer Vents?

Lets find out!

How many loads of laundry does your dryer handle each week? Have you noticed how much lint accumulates on the lint retainer screen? That is just a fraction of the overall lint produced by your clothes dryer! Lint is the accumulation of fibers that slough off clothing and is highly flammable. It is like tinder piling up in your dryer and vent just waiting for a spark! Your dryer uses electricity, produces heat, and has many moving parts. These factors add up to a high risk of fire. Excess lint in the dryer and vent can cause fires! We’ve seen it!

For an extended statistic of fires caused by lint in Clothes Dryer see the report from the NFPA here.

Therefore, the clear answer is YES! it is highly recommended to clean dryer vents regularly. Do not wait until your dryer stops drying properly(a clear sign the vent is clogged) hire a professional to clean your dryer vent!

Dryer Vent Before & After